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About Us – Soho Study Group (SSG)

 2020-2022 Board Members (L to R) Front Row: Takako Miyashita, Marion Love, Dorcas Walton, Sensei Soho Sakai, Olivia Camgros   Back Row: Loretta Altshuler, Laura Brainin-Rodriguez, Rachel Johnson, Keiko Kubo, Yoni Mayeri 
• Chairperson - Sensei Soho Sakai              • Program co-chair - Rachel Johnson   
• Co-Chairperson - Dorcas Walton               • Program co-chair - Keiko Kubo     
• Treasurer - Olivia Camgros                   • Historian (Website & Photographer)v- Yoni Mayeri  
• Membership - Loretta Altshuler               • Hospitality - Takako Miyashita 
• Secretary - Laura Brainin-Rodriguez          • Auditor - Marion Love  

Soho Study Group, founded in 1997 by Soho Sakai, Riji, and her students, provides continuing study of Sogetsu School’s curriculum and concepts. Soho Sakai, is a renowned master teacher and artist; her students number in the hundreds. Many of her students have graduated to become strong and devoted teachers of Sogetsu School

We host workshops for our members, and present flower shows, demonstrations and displays at various community locations. In October 2007, we presented a 2-day Sogetsu 80th Anniversary celebration at the Oakland Museum of California, Floral Sculptures in the Gardens of the Museum.

We are a dedicated group of individuals who continue our study of Japanese flower arranging with workshops and educational meetings. Geared to expanding the membership’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of Sogetsu Ikebana, and encouraging their creativity and artistic abilities, the meetings offer an opportunity to exchange ideas and grow as Ikebana designers.

With over 170 current members, more than 80 of them teachers, Soho Study Group represents a significant force in the contemporary Bay Area Ikebana community.

Soho Study Group Teachers of Sogetsu Ikebana

Where they teach and how to contact them.


Yayoi “Soho” Sakai, Riji

Albany Community Center,

Orinda Community Center; Private Lessons, Soho’s Ikebana Studio

(510) 234-5748,  sogetsubysoho70@comcast.net   


Michiko “Seiei” Shimoda, Riji

City of Saratoga Recreation Center, Mountain View; Los Altos Adult School; Fremont

Private Lessons, Saratoga

(408) 741-1763,  michico628@hotmail.com


June “Junpo” Matsuoka, Riji

Oldemeyer Center, Seaside; Privates Lessons, Campbell

(408) 377-3801,  atwwilleyexpr@msn.com

Annette “Hoto” Sullivan

Mill Valley Community Center

(415) 847-5522,  annettesullivan7@gmail.com 


Rachel “Soshin” Johnson

San Rafael Community Center; Private Lessons, San Francisco

(415) 624-6353,  Soshin@simplygrounded.com


Keiko “Reiho”Kubo

J-SEI in Emeryville

(510) 333-1974,  keikokub@gmail.com


Nancy “Sorin” Locke

San Mateo, Hilo, HI

(650) 340-9647,  nancy.locke@sbcglobal.net



Thanh “Hosui” Nguyen

Menlo Park

(650) 854-8897, nguyeht@gmail.com

Hiromi “Yoho” Nomura  

 San Francisco   

(415) 412-5631 belleflora@att.net

Hidemi “Soei” Onoda 

San Francisco   

(415) 378-6786 honoda@att.net